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Today, it is said that the 21st century is an era of the environment. The mission for us as manufacturers, I believe, is beyond merely making high quality products, but to create enterprise which is friendly to the earth environment and especially kind to humans. It is an era where our commitment to environmental issues is accountable, as well as our ultimate goal of continually supplying highly accomplished quality materials. Since October 2001, we have been supplying the world with "Next Generation Phosphorescent Ceramics" and Luminous Marking Product 'α-FLASH®009' as an emergency evacuation path marking. α-FLASH®009 is an epochal environmental product made of 100% polyolefin, which complies with world environmental standards, and is the first such product from Japan to pass the vigorous US flammability tests (ASTM). This globally recognized product was introduced, for the first time in the US, to commuter transportation (Chicago subway) as an emergency evacuation path marking in 2002.


With the fusion of technology and the environment in our mind, we will continue to develop our product rapidly, flexibly and powerfully, to assist people around the world. Under our theme 'greater comfort to people's lives' and using our unique creativity, We will aim to propose supple and sometimes elegant technologies. At LTI Corporation, we would like to make everyone smile. We will keep advancing toward the realization of our grandeur dreams.

Company Profile

Company Name LTI Corporation
President Masakazu Sakabe
Company Address 34-4 Hikiji-cho Umegahata, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
616-8294 Japan   
Phone (075)882-1515
Production bases Cooperation factories in Kyoto, Shiga, Shanghai, Dalian, and Kunshan
Date founded October 4, 2001
Capital 250million yen as of September, 2013
Main Business Activities Production and sales of high performance photoluminescent safety products

Company History

2001  October Establishment of LTI Corporation
2002  March Successfully developed high performance photoluminescent films, safety signs, and marking tapes, brand-name “α-FLASH”.
     May First Order from Metra U.S.A. (Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation), installed “α-FLASH” in the trains in Chicago.
2003  October α-FLASH safety signs installed at Kobe Fire Department.
     November α-FLASH safety signs installed at Osaka Fire Department.
2004  February α-FLASH marking tapes installed at Nuclear fusion facility.
     August α-FLASH recognized by Japan Government Entities, installed at Japan House of Representatives.
2005  March α-FLASH marking tapes installed at Japan Ministry of Justice.
     July α-FLASH safety signs and marking tapes, installed at Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
2006  May α-FLASH recognized in Taiwan, installed at Taiwan High Speed Railroad.
     December α-FLASH passed numerous rigorous tests and received high accreditation criteria「Class C200」approved by Japan Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan.
2007  March α-FLASH floor safety glass signs, installed at Tokyo Metro (Mita and Oedo-lines).
2008  June Acquired Patent on photoluminescent coating techniques (PT.NO.4130939)
     December α-FLASH marking tapes, installed at Metro USA (Chicago, New York, Boston, Atlanta), and International Airport in Dubai.
2010  July α-FLASH chosen as an advanced high performance photoluminescent safety product by Sakai City Fire Department, Osaka. LTI and Sakai City Fire Department conducted “visibility test” to measure human visual performance experiments on photoluminescent emitting light in the total darkness, and to verify the performance of α-FLASH.
     October α-FLASH received the highest accreditation criteria「Class A50, A100, A200」approved by Japan Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan.
2011  January α-FLASH contracted as an official vendor by the worldwide Chain Store “7-Eleven Japan”, approved as a high performance eco-friendly product.
     February α-FLASH received the most highest accreditation criteria「Class S50, S100, S200」approved by Japan Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan.
     October Successfully developed superior photoluminescent marking tapes “Super α-FLASH”.
2014  January Opened Tokyo Branch
2016  July Acquired Patent on Water-proofed Pigment “α-Vega” (PT.No.5667787)
     September α-FLASH EXIT sings installed at Orland International Airport, USA
2017  March Tsunami prevention safety signs “α-Shine Plate” installed over 500 areas in Kuroshio-cho, Kochi-prefecture
     June α-FLASH EXIT sings installed at Tampa International Airport, USA
2018  July Innovative high performance water-proofed pigment, brand name “α-Vega”launched.