Photoluminescent Pigment "α-Vega" Series

The α-Vega Series is a group of strontium aluminate based powder pigments that were developed and patented by LTI. Unlike conventional pigments, α-Vega will continue to glow even when completely submerged in water. In addition to being completely waterproof, α-Vega has also increased the light emitting ability relative to previous pigments.


Photoluminescent Tapes "α-FLASH"

α-FLASH is produced from the light-storing material that absorbs energy in the form of light stimulation received from sunlight, fluorescent lamps, and incandescent lamps and converts the absorbed light energy into visible light rays for emission.


Photoluminescent Safety Signs

Extremely High Performance! Easy Installation! Cost less! The reason for going “α-FLASH” is eliminating your electric and maintenance costs, and reducing the CO2 produced. You can rely on it!